It's Your Stuff

The Occupy encampments in Zuccotti Park and elsewhere may be gone (or just hibernating?), but many continue, actions are on-going, and we are still the 99!

Whether you're feeling the middle class squeeze, worried for the future of the American Dream, outraged at our 'too big to fail' economy, or alarmed at the growing reach of corporate power and its effects on our society, politics, and the environment -- if you think any of the issues Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement have voiced deserve our continued attention as we hurtle into the 2012 election year, say it loud and Occupy Your Stuff with our original designs.

We're just getting started.

Right now, we have bumper stickers, car magnets, buttons, household magnets, stickers, mugs, and even yard signs available through the OccupyYourStuff store at CafePress. You'll find designs dealing with income inequality and the 99, our destructive addiction to fossil fuel, the plight of the middle class, 'too big to fail' banks that are apparently too big to investigate, the rush to fracking (aka hydraulic fracturing) at the risk of sacrificing our water, the Citizens United ruling (the Supreme Court's version of campign finance reform), and thoughts from the American bard of self-sufficiency, Mr. Henry David Thoreau.

More designs and products -- including T-shirts! -- are on their way.

Occupy Our Mailbox

Want to know what we're up to? Interested in partnering with us to raise awareness or funds? Need a custom design? Curious about licensing? Have some feedback or even a request? We're open to just about anything...

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